We treat your logos with the utmost respect and care as we arrange and sew them onto a high-quality and absorbent microfiber towel. The towel measures approximately 16"x21" and includes the grommet and clip, unless otherwise specified.

We mail your new Putter Pal Towel back to you so you can enjoy the memories that are rekindled by the logos on your towel as you proudly display it on your golf bag, hand towel, or in a frame on the wall of your den.

Putter Pal Green Towel Putter Pal White Towel

Putter Pal Black Towel Putter Pal Black Towel Inside

If you only have a few shirts and would like us to make coasters/silverware holders, we can do that. Just send the same size logo, approx 7 inches, and we can do that. We use a strong lining and it includes a pocket to hold up to 4 pieces of silverware or can be used as a coaster.

Putter Pal Silverware Holder Putter Pal Silverware Holder