You cut out your logos.

You mail the logo cutouts to us.

You tell all of your friends about your great Putter Pal Towel so they will order one too.


Putter Pal Towel logo towels are made with 12 logos cut from your favorite but worn out sports shirts. The 12 logos will be sewn onto your choice of either a white or green high-quality and absorbent microfiber towel. The towel measures approximately 16"x21". You can order your towel with a grommet and clip or without a grommet and clip. Examples of logo towels are shown in the left column.


You will need 12 logos to create one towel.

To cut the logo from your shirt, cut a swatch of cloth at least eight inches square with the logo centered in the swatch. Or if it's easier, send 1/4 of the shirt with the logo. Don't worry if it includes the buttons. You don't need to include the sleeve. The goal is to have the 12 logos fit in a flat rate Priority envelope. That is the least expensive way to send them to us. Also include your name, address and phone number inside the envelope.